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As part of our ten-year insurance backed guarantee, we have a dedicated after sales team with service engineers and administrative staff to organise and conduct remedial works.

Below are the aftercare requirements of the products that we supply and fit. Please take the time to read through the sections relating to your product(s). If you require any further assistance, contact us today on 01226 341234.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Within our double and triple glazed units, the float glass can be easily scratched. Therefore, when undertaking routine cleaning, it is necessary to remove any jewellery and avoid contact with any metal elements of clothing items that could cause damage prior to cleaning. It is also recommended that large particles of dirt are removed prior to cleaning with household glass cleaner and soft cloth. To remove this dirt we recommend to use a simple solution of soap and water. Glass with internal Georgian bar or lead work should also be cleaned in this manner. Avoid all solvent-based or abrasive cleaning products.

In glass units with external Georgian bar or lead work, care must be taken to avoid dislodging the designs. When cleaning, ensure to gently clean around external elements to avoid dirt build up. Please note that lead is subject to oxidisation as a natural phenomenon and cannot be prevented.

PVCu frames should be cleaned at least every four months with a soap and water solution to prevent build up of dirt. Use a soft cloth to prevent damage or scratches. Take care around sealants to avoid deterioration or damage.

Poly-carbonate roofing panels are to be cleaned in the same manner as PVCu frames. They are to be cleaned at least every four months with a gentle soap and water solution and soft cloth to prevent build up of dirt. Guttering is to be routinely cleaned of debris to allow sufficient drainage. Do not walk on conservatory roofs.

All of our PVCu windows and doors comprise of a full drainage system to ensure that any water ingress can escape. To ensure that this remains functioning, it is necessary to check drainage holes for blockages by removing any dirt.

When undertaking routine cleaning, gaskets may become dislodged from their groove. Should this occur, take care to return them to their original position to avoid any damage.

Please note that some discolouration of the mastic seal is a natural occurrence and cannot be avoided.


Stainless steel hardware and glazing trims must be routinely cleaned to avoid ‘tea-staining’. Tea staining is relatively common on stainless steel components and is a result of contaminants being left on the product surface. Lack of cleaning and routine maintenance of stainless steel products is not covered under guarantee.

Chrome and Gold hardware is protected with a lacquer coating when installed. By routinely cleaning the product, this will be best protected. We advise that no harsh chemical products are used to clean the hardware, a small amount of washing up liquid mixed with water is ideal. However, the lacquer beginning to peel and tarnish over time is a natural occurrence.


All Glazed units are subject to Glass and Glazing Federation standards that account for certain imperfections within the glass that are unavoidable in the manufacture, even in the most strictly controlled environments. Certain blemishes and imperfections are permitted within these high standards, and therefore they are beyond our control. Below is an extract from the Glass and Glazing Federation standards:-

  1. Transparent glass used in the manufacture of double-glazed units is identical to that used in traditional single glazing and will therefore have a similar level of quality
  2. Both panes of the double-glazed unit should be viewed from the room side, standing at a distance of two metres in natural daylight, not in direct sunlight. The area to be viewed is the normal vision area with the exception of a 50mm wide band around the perimeter of the unit.
  3. Flat transparent glass should be deemed acceptable if the following phenomena are neither obtrusive nor bunched
    1. Totally enclosed seeds
    2. Bubbles or blisters
    3. Hairlines or blobs
    4. Fine scratches not more than 25mm long
    5. Minute embedded particles
  4. Obtrusiveness of blemishes should be judged by looking through the glass and not at it, and under normal lighting conditions as described in 2.


Generally, with climatic conditions there is water vapour present within the atmosphere. Within our homes this natural water content is increased through normal activities including breathing. This water vapour becomes detectable when it comes into contact with cold surfaces such as window panes, mirrors and tiles. With traditional house construction, this can escape through natural ventilation, however with the improvements made to sealing homes to reduce energy costs, condensation problems have increased with the increase in trapped water vapour.

It is advised to increase ventilation to resolve condensation. This can be done naturally by actions such as opening a window, fitting a ventilator/extractor or fitting wall vents to provide air flow.

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